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What is SEO?

imagesSEO is anabbreviation of Search engine optimization and it is the process of getting free organic traffic from search engines. There are 3 big search engine, like google, yahoo and bing where you can search whatever you want.  If you want to get ranked on search engine. You should follow all below the guideline, it will help you.

Step -1 Make a list of keywords

Keywords are heart of SEO. Select right keyword for improving your website. You can choose your keywords by the google keywords tool. It is a good place for select keywords and this tool provide you a full detail of keywords and itsmade for PPC (pay per click). You can check search volume and competition on these Tool, and much more.

Step -2 Build your keywords

Use your keywords in url suppose you are selling laptop and your keywords is “used laptop in Karachi” and your domain is www.abc.com so you can implement your keywords www.abc.com/used-laptop-in-karachi.html this is a right way to using keywords in a URL then you can utilize your keywords in meta title, meta description and H1 tag. You should also use your keywords in page content.

Step-3 Set up a blog

You should create a blog on your website where you can help user. You have to update the blog on a weekly basis. It is good for your website and you can get traffic by means of this type of activities.

Step – 4 Create a Link Building Plan

All above 3 Step were dedicated on page SEO tactic and Link building is an off page SEO tactic. Create your plan what will you do for getting links. Always get links from relevant website don’t do a lot of submissions at a timeyou can post just 20 links per day on another website don’t use again same website for submitting a link always find new website and take a link from there. You can get links from blog comments, directory, forums, yahoo answer, social bookmarking, press release, article, guest blogging, blog post, classified, images and video websites slide share websites, CSS directory website, business profile and ETC.

Step – 5 You have to up to date all SEO news

I want to share you some website which are the best for getting knowledge about SEO and search engine algorithm where you can read recent news and updates about search engine and SEO. Those following websites help you a lot.





Step – 6 SEO Success

SEO can take a lot of time and efforts and it is a long term work don’t try to break search engine rules and regulation it can penalize your website. Install google analytics and webmasters on your website it can help you for getting information about your audience and visitor. Track your visitor on google analytics how is your website working and where you are in this market and create an excel sheet and mention in monthly basis and check all the month where you were before starting and where you are while working.


About Atif Yousuf

I have been working in field of SEO/SMO for last 5 years.


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