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Google now allows you to write your search queries

You know Google now allows you to write your search queries first of all Google allowed you to type then Google give you opportunity to voice search queries then now Google allows you to write search queries on your screen touch mobile and tablet you can easily to use this services it is amazing Google has a lots of developers he find out new thing for you and try to search engine better for you recently Google lunched image based queries for you now Google announced you can hand write your quires.


Google announced some days ago you can hand write your queries on your smart touch screen phone or tablet when you open Google.com you can use your fingers and write anything on screen and you will see your search result on Google home page. Google hand writing software convert in to hand writing to text.

How to enable it?

you can enable easily just go to Google.com in you mobile or tablet or touch screen laptop and then click on setting at the bottom of the screen and enable hand writing after select this setting you can use this services then open Google.com and write something on screen and see the result.


See the result on I Pad screen.


Write see on your screen and see the result.

And watch now this video and get some more information.


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I have been working in field of SEO/SMO for last 5 years.


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